Born in the days when Light was still a part of Chaos, Silver Valkyrie is a warm and welcoming community of FFXIV players that's been running fun events since 2017. English is our first language, but we have people from all over the world in our community! Often described as a home and a family by friends, our members are keen to make new friends, express themselves creatively and grow together both as FFXIV players and as roleplayers.Come and join in the fun; we have:Storytelling-focused roleplaying
Positivity and wholesome attitudes
Friendship and camaraderie in Eorzea and beyond
Help and education of new players and roleplayers
Interested in roleplaying? Check out our philosophies to see if we're what you’re looking for!

Meet Our Team

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Meet Our Team

Akiko Sulyvahn Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Akiko Sulyvahn

Roles: Roleplay MentorAfter finding a dislike for the changes to World of Warcraft several years ago, Akiko began to search for a new MMORPG to play. Once they had found Final Fantasy XIV, it was a chance Google search that lead them to Silver Valkyrie. Though their days of endgame raiding are behind them, Akiko is very serious about their roleplay.It was a chance meeting in a YouTube comment section which found them sliding down the rabbit hole that is tabletop and roleplay. Akiko’s preference in roleplay is to that of a more “real-feel” within the setting, and enjoys a range of story genres and story stakes. They often take a longer written style to their posts when given the chance as a result of their love for writing, which is the reason they decided to join Silver Valkyrie’s Mentor Program.

Meet Our Team

Atreus Fairweather Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Atreus Fairweather

Roles: Her ArtisanThe Swashbuckling freedom fighter Atreus started off his roleplay journey in the Crystal Data centres, both in Mateus and Balmung for a year. Playing the game at the start of Shadowbringers, Atreus quickly became accustomed to the lore, and applied his previous experience of roleplay into it. Now with a fleshed out character, and wanting to tackle some of the higher end content that fit within his routine, Atreus moved to the Light datacentre for latency purposes, and to roleplay with those in a similar timezone. He found himself in SVE, where he established his place among the community.

Meet Our Team

Ayz Sildrowe Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Ayz Sildrowe

Roles: SVE Head Office, ModeratorBack during the Playstation 3 beta in June 2013 was when Ayzel took his first steps in Eorzea, and can currently be found both on Lich (Light) and Leviathan (Primal). He joined the community during the latter half of 2019, and later the Free Company at the start of 2020.Within the Silver Valkyrie community, Ayz works hard to help what he calls his second home stay as welcoming as possible. Proud to be on the moderation team as one of Her Keepers, his is most grateful for the new people his able to meet by being part of this wonderful family.Ayz believes that the most important parts of Final Fantasy XIV are to have fun and enjoy the content you choose to do. Some of his proudest achievements include clearing The Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 9, reaching floor 100 of Heaven on High, and getting all classes to level 80 within the first few months of the expansion Shadowbringers.

Meet Our Team

Divis Dragonfly Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Divis Dragonfly

Roles: Crystal Crown Cast, Her ArtisanDivis' first foray into FFXIV was on the tail end of 2017, having been dragged into the game thanks to their friends. At first, they skipped cutscenes and planned to end their stay after they reached the end of the free trial's progression, as they were not enjoying the game in its entirety... until they discovered a roleplaying community actually existed in the game. Divis had hoped to pick up on roleplaying multiple times throughout the years, through various MMOs, but never got friends to do so with them. All of a sudden, Divis' motivation to continue playing was drawn from roleplaying, so much so they did it more than the actual content.
Their first encounter with SVE was when one of their friends invited them to one of their hosted events, and through SVE's community, Divis discovered a whole range of new venues and new activities to explore! In particular was the Crystal Crown Cafe, which grabbed Divis' attention so much that they even applied to join the Crystal Crown cast, just to work there.
Outside of FFXIV, Divis enjoys writing stories, playing visual novels, doll-collecting and drawing. Cosplay was another major part of their life, however that particular hobby is on hiatus.
If you were to ask them what their proudest FFXIV related achievement was, it would be that it helped them improve their social anxiety. The friends they made along the way gave them the opportunity to become more sociable and open.

Meet Our Team

Lorennas Brightcaller Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Lorennas Brightcaller

Roles: Roleplay MentorLorennas has been a fan of many kinds of roleplay for several decades. He has experience with a great number of settings and systems, including Deathwatch, Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, Vampire the Masquerade and, his mainstay, Dungeons and Dragons. As a result, he has a wealth of knowledge and ideas for designing characters and plot hooks to help get roleplayers started, not to mention a great many books and resources to pluck ideas from for those that really don’t know where they want to go with things.Beyond FFXIV, Lorennas entertains himself in a plethora of ways. Hama bead art and miniature painting rank highly in his ways to express his creativity. He also runs a YouTube channel where he creates music reviews and video essays.

Meet Our Team

Mis'to Raesthe

Roles: Moderator, PR Team, Her Artisan, Crystal Crown Cast, Venue Manager - The First Steps.Mis'to has been playing Final Fantasy XIV ever since launch, not counting the four years' break half-way through Heavensward. They found their way to Silver Valkyrie staring down the precipice of several months' unemployment in a strange country and thus recovered their sanity. In turn, Mis'to will happily educate anyone who cares to listen on the superiority of Keepers and Red Mages, and how RP is for everyone no matter how anxious or worried you are about it.Their proudest achievement is The First Steps - not just for the sheer effort of decorating a mansion, but for making it a place especially for new players to come and learn about RP without any pressure. Mis'to likes to contribute to the general health of the RP community by continuously churning out copious amounts of blogs and articles.

Meet Our Team

Morgana Browne

Roles: Lady of Light, PR Team, Her Artisan, Crystal Crown Cast.Accomplished healer and lore enthusiast, Morgana began her journey through Final Fantasy XIV in February 2016 and founded Silver Valkyrie as a discord server later that year, and then again as a Lich-based Free Company in the Fall of 2017.Within Silver Valkyrie, Morgana focuses on bringing the community together and hosting inclusive and interactive events that everyone can get involved with, regardless of their level of roleplaying skill. She has worked tirelessly to help bring together a variety of people and resources that can help those keen to learn and improve their roleplaying and storytelling crafts and is constantly looking for ways to reach even further.But her achievements do not stop there. She also curates the FFXIV Official Forum Submarine thread and has worked hard to clear some of the toughest content in the game, including shot-calling for Baldesion Arsenal and all three tiers of the Eden raids.

Meet Our Team

Penny Snowflake

Roles: Her Artisan, Crystal Crown Cast.Penny began their journey shortly before the release of Heavensward, and has dipped in and out of Final Fantasy over the years. They are part of the "Frequent Fantasia" club, having changed both race and gender a few times. Penny has been a member of the Silver Valkyrie community for around 4 years, having made many friends along the way, and holds both the community and their friends very dear to them.They spend their time doing endgame content, /gpose modelling with their 4 characters, and recently achieved Saint of the Firmament as a Botanist.

Meet Our Team

Ramen Samurai Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Ramen Samurai

Roles: Roleplay MentorRamen joined Eorzea in 2017 in the summer that Stormblood released. His first year of gameplay was heavily marked by a chance encounter with a very altruistic stranger - a wonderful person who didn't only teach him the ropes, but also speedran him through the process of creating his very own FC, "The Ronins". Ramen then set out to recruit for his dream guild with the rather eccentric approach of /telling other players with invitations full of archaic prose and character impersonation, thus unknowingly engaging in RP for the first time in his XIV life - and this, in turn, made it so The Ronins ranks were filled with rather unique and charming individuals.Many adventures, challenges and fun times were had in The Ronins, a cosy place which Ramen was proud to call his "virtual home" and which still holds some of the fondest memories of his XIV journey. Alas, every good story comes to an end... and after leaving the game for a month, Ramen came back to find out how many of his friends have left the FC or stopped playing in his absence. With a heavy heart, he sought a new place to belong - and this time, he found it not in a single place, but in many different places where players bonded over that something he didn't know was called "Roleplaying".Many years have passed, and now Ramen is an "active" member (as active as his subbing frequency allows) of the SVE Community. As a self-proclaimed fun and creative person, he tries to pour these traits of his into writing original characters and hosting innovative venues for everyone to enjoy, his track record including a pawn shop, a blitzball stadium, a pirate airship and who knows what more by the time you read this... so why don't you come check it out for yourself?

Meet Our Team

Rina'ta Solaria

Roles: Moderator, Her Artisan, Roleplay Mentor.Rina'ta has been in the world of Eorzea for longer than most. Having played since before the days of the recent calamity, they've been watching the world change since nearly the beginning. A person who enjoys nearly every aspect Eorzea has to offer, Rina'ta wandered throughout the lands and from place to place, eventually running into an old friend and watching the creation of the Silver Valkyrie, getting involved in events every now and again. With a focus of keeping a careful eye on disputes and making sure amicable relationships were kept, Rina'ta prefers to observe and contribute ideas when possible, but is happy to communicate with others when the occasion presents itself. A favourite pastime of Rina'ta's experiences is to read and immerse themselves in the stories of others, finding solace and entertainment in reading or hearing of people's ideas and creativity. Their proudest achievement is never giving up, and always remaining calm in the face of impossible situations, always managing to overcome any obstacle in the end.

Meet Our Team

Rowland Mason

Roles: Her Guardian, Moderator, PR Team, Her Artisan, Crystal Crown Cast, Roleplay Mentor.Rowland has been playing FFXIV for a period of time. Just a period, cause he can't quite accurately remember it. 2.0? He thinks 2.0. He actually bought the 1.0 box as well...while playing 2.0? On a different system? Don't know why he did that.Rowland has been in Silver Valkyrie since Stormblood. He has known Morgana since Heavensward, but was unaware of how fate would bring them together again one day. Or, I say fate. The dude was searching for RP in-game for many years, suddenly saw her tag was on and kicked down the door to the SVE estate and went "what's up."Rowland likes to imagine that his focus in the community is to help new players in the game along, or help new roleplayers feel involved with the RP scene. In reality, however, he is comic relief. Unbeknownst to many, it is probably 60% accidental.The most important part of FFXIV to Rowland is more than likely the community. No matter how much content and story there is, it's always more fun to do it or discuss it with friends. If you have friends, they can also be manipulated into investing in your stock market. Thanks for the Gil.Rowlands proudest SVE achievement would have to be joining the mod team. He liked helping out the community already and aimed for a position that gave him greater power to do that. He applied under the reasoning that he would bring "big dick energy" to the team, which he still labours to achieve.Rowland hasn't particularly achieved anything in FFXIV. He enjoys raiding, tanking, sword collecting. He might have one of the biggest sword collections on Lich, that could be an achievement. If Rowland was to consider anything to be an achievement, it would be how much his character has spread through the RP community... it's like a virus, someone really needs to stop him.

Meet Our Team

R'talhdi "CogGirl" Rhiki

Roles: Her ArtisanCogGirl has been making up stories about imaginary people more-or-less since she could talk, and emigrated to Eorzea from Azeroth in February 2021, bringing with her over a decade of roleplaying experience in MMORPGs, LARP and tabletop. She joined Silver Valkyrie Events after attending their Festival of Light; she is especially excited to help new and nervous roleplayers find their feet at similar soirees and to continue developing her own skills in such a supportive and engaging community!An enthusiastic but hopelessly clumsy gamer, her proudest FFXIV achievement to date is not falling off the arena during Titan normal, though she also enjoys crafting, gathering and ferreting out nuggets of tasty lore hidden in the quest text.

Meet Our Team

Silvy Rosethorne Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Silvy Rosethorne

Roles: Roleplay Mentor.Silvy has played Final Fantasy since just before the Heavensward was released. She started out in a small friendly RP FC tagged <cake> and chanced to meet many more people through the network of friends and FC members.Silvy has been involved with SVE for just over four years now running stories and enjoying fun character interactions and now helps out as a moderator on the Discord server.The most important part of FFXIV for Silvy is the fun of the game, be that through the game's content or the RP stories it lets her tell. Her favourite part of the SVE community is how welcoming and open it is to new people - everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

Meet Our Team

Sitri Qerel Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Sitri Qerel

Roles: Roleplay MentorSitri started playing FFXIV after their brother started playing as well, slowly but surely they got pulled in, eventually leaving Runescape for FFXIV, they had played Runescape before, since 2007! They found SVE by inquiring an old friend about a good FC to join early in the game and has never looked back since.Sitri enjoys social and combat roleplay, as well as doing duties in-game. Their outside interests include history, vehicles, and technology. They consider obtaining all the Bozjan Field Notes and getting their hands on the Al-iklil mount to be their greatest achievement

Meet Our Team

Slavie Y'shtola Raul Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light


Roles: Her Artisan, Roleplay MentorSlavie started their journey during the launch of A Realm Reborn all these years ago, and have been playing since with large breaks in between to experience other stories and universes. From Azeroth through Tamriel to Nexus and the outer rims of the galaxy far far away. If there exists a world with a high enough population and people enjoying roleplay, there is a chance they have been involved in it.After few years, Slavie decided to come back to Eorzea and experience what the latest story had to offer. It was there that an idea hatched, a bold one, that some would consider risky. What if they were to portray one of the beloved characters in the game, The Archon Y’shtola? Being experienced with Roleplaying, they decided to study the story very closely, observing every detail and do their research to portray the character well. After a month or two, they decided to make their debut, in the very first public roleplay in FF14, not only as a newcommer but also as a Lore NPC.It was on that day Slavie decided to join the SVE through the overwhelming positive feedback and atmosphere they received. Ever since they have been sharing their stories, insight and tips for others to better theirs and Slavie’s own experience. Going as far as hosting their own events, in form of Adventures in which the SVE members are free to tag along with, no matter of Roleplay Experience or Lore knowledge. It was also there that their desire to guide new players through the various pathways of Roleplay etiquette and techniques, growing ever more active on the community’s Discord as well as various public events and celebrations hosted by them.Humbled by the response they have received from the loving community, and proud of their achievement they decided to try and provide to the community a little bit more by achieving the role of a Roleplaying mentor as well as an Event Staff member. What the future will bring next remains to be seen.

Meet Our Team

Tomoyo Furukawa

Roles: Her Artisan, Crystal Crown Cast.It was early 2015 when Tomoyo began her journey through Eorzea as a female miqo’te conjurer. Little did she know at the time, but getting involved in Final Fantasy XIV would change her life forever, forging her great connections, granting her new experiences and taking her further than she could have possibly imagined.It was April 2019 when she met Morgana and decided to get involved in Silver Valkyrie. Within the space of a year became a member of the staff, a moderator, she hopped from Zodiark world to Lich, and joined the Free Company! Consistently supportive and kind, Tomoyo is dedicated to bringing the members of the community together to make sure everyone feels supported and is enjoying themselves. Friends have always been important to her, both in-game and beyond, and she does all she can to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Meet Our Team

Tomoyo Furukawa Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Usra Furisana

Roles: ModeratorUsra started playing FFXIV in May 2022 wanting to give it a go after watching various Twitch streamers. He joined Silver Valkyrie shortly after becoming a fully subscribed player having been welcomed by the community with open arms. Having been actively involved in the FC online, whether running weekly content with other members, taking part in organised events, or contributing towards gathering supplies, Usra wanted to step up and join the staff team. He will often be available for a chat and ready to help SVE reach greater heights.Usra has achieved quite a bit in a short time playing. Long-term achievements include going from new player to Mentor in just 7 months, and, in addition to that, starting Savage tier raiding just a year after starting the game. His proudest single achievement is earning 7 commendations in a single instance of the 4th Endwalker trial after helping several first-timers clear it.

Meet Our Team

Vell R'ius

Roles: Moderator, Her Artisan, Crystal Crown Cafe, Roleplay Mentor.Vell has been playing Final Fantasy XIV since December 31st, 2014 at patch 2.4. Having left in a hurry when the guild they were in at a previous MMO decided to mass faction change, buying the game in a heartbeat once finding out Male Miqo'te were a thing. Initially refusing to give the day the light of day due to gender locked races in the previous MMO of Final Fantasy, despite being quite the Final Fantasy fan. They started as an Arcanist and got randomly invited to an FC, only to be promptly booted when they made the statement they didn't want to become a Scholar. .It is unknown when Vell had joined the Silver Valkyrie community, as many things have happened in the span of time. Some say they came with the place, some say that somehow Tumblr was involved. Whichever the case was, they’re here now. They’re a Miqo’te lore nerd and just generally likes to delve into the lore and be updated on it if they’re wrong in what was mentioned.They enjoy all aspects of the game, raiding, glamouring, housing, roleplaying as well. What drives them is unknown, which leaves it a guess for many. What is known is that they do enjoy their fair share of good and not malicious chaos, while liking the general feel of the community, the attitude and the characters people do come up with.Their proudest achievement was doing well in a raid tier and getting it done relatively on time. Though that is all that people will get out of them; they are reluctant to give themselves credit for things they’ve done or achieved, and, generally, avoid being in the limelight.

Meet Our Team

Violette Averoux Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Violette Averoux

Roles: Moderator, PR Team, Crystal Crown Cast.Violette first appeared on Eorzea in 2018 and joined the Silver Valkyrie in 2021 as a discord member. Violette transferred from Odin to join the Free company a few months later.Violette brings a considerable history from their time in the World of Warcraft community where they where an officer in a guild with two hundred members across both factions of the game. During their time there, they were responsible for hosting large Roleplay events.Currently, Violette is working on projects to increase engagement with the RP community and get Light datacenter's name out there as a solid alternative to Crystal.

Meet Our Team

William D'Slime Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

William D'Slime

Roles: SVE Head Office, ModeratorWilliam began playing XIV in 2015, before Heavensward was released. His first real introduction to Final fantasy, he played on and off until 2016. From there, it quickly grew into a passion and has gone on to enjoy many, many hours of XIV, falling in love with Dragoons and Machinists.After going through a small number of guilds, he and several friends banded together to form the slime jar FC, and since then, he has been fending of being shoved in jars, loving every moment.
Joining the SVE community in interest of how others enjoy the game, he has gone on to lurk and watch RP events with great interest and joy.

Meet Our Team

Xemura Takahashi

Roles: Back-Office Admin, Her Artisan, Crystal Crown Cast.One of the founding fathers of Silver Valkyrie, Xemura Takahashi has been heavily involved in fall sides from the start. His focuses are mostly in the background, ensuring that the organisation is visually very well presented with his UX experience and his taste for minimalism. As a result, changes to the discord server are done with clear intent and use-cases in mind. He is very proud of all he had helped Silver Valkyrie achieve, the sense of community between the members and the standard that Silver Valkyrie has come to represent.Xemura has been playing Final Fantasy XIV since the beta of A Realm Reborn for the Playstation 4 back in 2013. The sheer volume of what is on offer by the game emphasises to him how much love and commitment goes into this award winning MMORPG, and he aims to give every piece of content a go. A complitionist at heart, Xem is very proud of his mount and minion, sporting collections that place him in the top 50 on Light DC top 200 in the world in both cases (according to FFXIV Collect).

Silver Valkyrie FC

Established as a Free Company in the fall of 2017, Silver Valkyrie is a determined, welcoming and friendly company driven by a love of roleplay and storytelling. We all work hard as a team to support one another in achieving our goals, and not all of them are roleplay. Our ranks are made up of a wealth of casual players and high-level raiders, all of whom strive to help one another and create a welcoming, fun-loving environment for those in the company and the community beyond. When new content arrives, we aim to keep up, and even ahead of the curve. Our FC was the first on Lich world to make it to Rank 30, and this FC is home to the curator and map-maker of the Official Forum Submarine Thread.If you are interested in joining our merry band, then please check out our community finder page or join our discord and make yourself known to one of Her Guardians, who are the officers of our FC.


Our Discord community enables our members to gain access to a large variety of tools, resources and broadcasts in our possession.

Friendly, Welcoming Members
Silver Valkyrie prides itself on being welcoming and friendly to all who cross the threshold. Boasting an eclectic cast of characters to roleplay with and against, there are stories to be found and friendships to be forged around every corner.

Creative Works
Roleplayers are a creative bunch of people, usually in more ways than one. We have plenty of space to share all of the amazing works that you put together. From screenshots to sketches, to writing, models and even jewellery. We also have a space where those who take commissions can share their links and show off their hard work.

Connect in your Language
We are interested in working on and developing areas for our members to connect in languages they feel comfortable in with roles they can reach. We offer opportunities for people that speak different languages to engage with the stories that captivate so many members of our community.

Event Announcements
Our community boasts a wide range of people who create and run a vast array of venues for all who visit to roleplay and enjoy the environment. From bars, to cafes, boutiques, adventurer guilds, nightclubs and more, there is something for everyone!

Roleplay Mentors and Novice System
Amongst our eclectic community, we have many that are knowledgeable on the lore. There are also those that are designated as the go-to people, should you need help in any aspect of roleplaying in Final Fantasy. If you have questions, they will have answers, and if they don’t; they know where to find them.

Sound like a place you would like to be? Then what are you waiting for!?Does being in a large community make you feel anxious? Would you like to share what we do with your friends? Our announcement channels are broadcast channels, meaning you can have them feed directly to your own server, allowing you to keep up to date and not overwhelm yourself. We also recommend the FFXIV RP Calendar where you can keep up to date with events going on across Light Data Center and beyond.

Silver Valkyrie's
Community Partners

Interested in getting involved or want to know more about our affiliate scheme? We have a separate site with all the details.We also have a wide range of venues that promote themselves within our community. Join in to stay up to date.

FFXIV RP Event CalendarA multi-Data Center calendar of role play events open to the public. Distributed via discord to over 800 active role-play related servers.Bot Invite - Event Submission - Support Discord - Website

FFXIV RP Events Calendar Bot Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Eorzean Museum NetworkThe Eorzean Museum Network is a cooperative network of free, player-run, cultural venues in Final Fantasy XIV. Spanning all the game's data regions, the collection of volunteers has created venues which showcase many of the details found across Hydaelyn, including aquariums, museums of flora and fauna, and history, in a way which fits right into the very world.Discord - Twitter - Website - Youtube

Endless Nights Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Endless Nights EventsWe're a social hub for all sorts of events, be it live music, role play or any other type of social event, while also serving as the main base of operations of Endless Nights and its venues.Discord - Instagram - Twitter - Website

Endless Nights Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

The Moonlight Music EventA travelling music festival based on Light DC. Every event features new and exciting locations out in the open world! Join us every other Saturday, 19:00 Server Time (UTC), somewhere on Light DC.Discord - Website

The Moonlight Music Event Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light
The Moonlight Music Event Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

The XIV Writer's GuildThe Writer's Guild is a discord server for those who enjoy writing and reading, we have many resources for those looking to improve their craft, as well members are welcome to share their writings whether they are original, FFXIV fictions, or otherwise.Discord

The XIV Writer's Guild Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

FFXIV RoleplayingEst. in 2018 for players to learn FFXIV RP lore and technique as well as find RP events and people to RP with! Supporting all regions, worlds and data centers, promote your Free Companies, RP events, character profiles, open venues, RP communities, discord, writing, and more!Discord - Facebook - Reddit - Tumblr - Twitter

Cafe Rozen Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

FFXIV RP WorldwideA discord server for all FFXIV roleplayers, no matter the Data Centre. Share your Carrds, Venues, or even meet new people and partner up!Discord

FFXIV RP Worldwide Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Eorzea PhotographyA community for every and all members of the FFXIV Community to come together to show off their artistic side with screenshots ! Not only that, if you are looking to show off presets, places to take those screenshots, and critique others so that they may be able to improve on their screenshots. Note that everyone is accepted here, whether you play on PC or console, vanilla or modded, we cater to all and want everyone to know that this is a community of learning and growing within yourself and those around you.Discord - Instagram - Twitch - Twitter - YouTube

Cafe Rozen Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

PartakeDiscover and plan social events within the video gaming world. Partake is an open and inclusive platform to find events made by you, the player and the community. With our event searching features, meet people with similar interests, join new communities, and make connections that will last you a lifetime!Discord - Twitter - Website

Cafe Rozen Silver Valkyrie Events Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Light

Last VanguardLast Vanguard is a gaming discord that offers a place to chat about and play various games, including Final Fantasy XIV. They help to promote streamers from within their community reach new potential viewers and host events to bring their members together.Discord - Twitter

Our Philosophies on Roleplay

It is Silver Valkyrie’s aim to make sure that everyone gets to tell the stories they want, playing the characters they love, whatever their experience in roleplaying. Core to this mentality is curating your own experience.With that in mind, we put forth our philosophy to help you build your characters with future interactions in mind, enabling you to roleplay with as wide a variety of characters and tastes as possible.Silver Valkyrie recognizes that everyone has their own likes, dislikes and interpretations when it comes to enjoyable RP. To that end, we do not have any single canon that members are forced to buy into.Consider these guidelines for creating a character that as many other people as possible can enjoy.

The Succinct Version

  • Don't spoil the story of FFXIV to new players.

  • However you use the lore of the world in creating the story, we support your right to enjoy the roleplay you want. To better integrate with other roleplayers however, we strongly suggest you use existing lore as a foundation to better integrate in the world of Eorzea and with the other characters you meet.

  • It's perfectly acceptable to be a high-powered character and/or deeply involved in the MSQ lore but understand that may cause issues for other people, especially in public venues. It's too easy to take center-stage and have things otherwise get out of hand, or unwittingly spoil something to a bystander. Be Batman around your Justice League, but Bruce Wayne when you're out drinking with friends.

  • We host a wide variety of venues and partner communities, and give them the autonomy to decide the types and limits of roleplay they want. We will not police SVE members in other places unless they are considered representatives of the SVE Community, such as partnered Venue Hosts, Her Embrace staff etc.

  • To keep yourself and others safe, we ask that roleplay of mature and/or darker themes is kept private and appropriately warned. Be open and honest about what you want to explore in your stories so others can make an informed decision to protect themselves. If in doubt, FFXIV is rated "Teen" by the ESRB.

  • If you are uncomfortable with a situation, remove yourself from it. You do not have to tolerate something just because 'you're caught up in the moment'. If you're at a venue and someone is being disruptive, don't forget you can reach out to the hosts for their help.

  • We support the TOS of Square Enix which takes precedence over our own rules. It is your risk to take if you are publicly RPing themes and topics that are reportable.

  • We do not tolerate RP policing. If you come across characters that, to you, have problematic lore elements, or the players are engaging in behavior that is hurting other people's experiences, assume the best and educate first! Our Roleplay Novice Network is designed to help people in this way and you can point them there.

  • If a player is being particularly egregious, such as engaging in deeply disturbing themes or grooming behavior, report to Square Enix and let us know.

For the in-depth look at our position, pick an option below!

A World Full of Lore And Spoilers

Square Enix and the amazing FFXIV teams have put together a rich and colourful world full of lore to build upon. We strongly encourage those in our community to use the existing lore as a basis to build upon when considering their ideas. Not only does it help your ideas integrate seamlessly into the existing world, but it’ll also act as a foundation to bring others into your own story without needing to suspend their disbelief.With that in mind, however, we exercise great caution around spoilers. Some of the most speculated-upon content doesn’t get revealed until almost 200 hours deep into the game, and the upcoming content continues to promise excitement too. Many roleplayers are deeply excited about what is to come for their characters, and we are too! We request our community be respectful of new players and to keep related roleplay and lore discussions within spoiler channels and out of public view.Once upon a time, you were blown away by a story twist. Let others enjoy that feeling too.

Be Who You Want To Be

Everyone is here to play out stories and worlds they wish. Many of us are here for escapism, to live out fantasies that we cannot in the real world for our own reasons. To that end, we strive to be open-minded and embracing to the stories you want to tell. We do not ‘police’ characters or stories to determine where they sit on a lore friendly scale. The tales that people want to create together are theirs to tell and their fun is paramount.This does mean that these interpretations can, for varying reasons, clash. The obvious example is that there cannot be two of the Warrior of Light (WOL). People also have different opinions of interpreting presented lore - are they completely adherent to lore as presented in the game, do they want to build upon the existing lore using existing knowledge as a solid foundation, or do they want to tell a particular story using existing lore as a guideline in the loosest sense of the world? Easy to see how these players may have difficulty finding common ground.Similarly, the Main Story Quest (MSQ) and the journey of the Warrior of Light offers a great deal of interesting lore upon which people enjoy creating their own Alternate Universe (AU) of ‘what if the WOL is my character’, or 'My friends and I are all WOLs on the MSQ'. Others prefer that the adventures of the WOL are a separate story that player characters get involved in only by second-hand knowledge through allies of the Scions, or even not at all.In SVE's eyes, all of these interpretations are valid. People have the right to tell their stories the way they want to. We do, however, have resources and guidelines to help you better mesh with the world and other characters, and strongly recommend you use them. We have many members in the community who love FFXIV's lore and will be only happy to help you build a character that can mesh seamlessly into the world and with others.To help players of disparate views still find common ground and enjoy public RP together, we strongly recommend that you have a ‘down to earth’ version of your character that can relax and talk among others. Be that an alternate version entirely, or a character that otherwise sets aside the adventuring aspect of their life when they talk to others. That way, more people can enjoy your character without fear of clashing over lore, hurting you by disagreeing with your interpretations or risk the MSQ being spoiled. Feel free to be Batman around your fellow Justice League heroes, but be Bruce Wayne when you're out crawling taverns with your friends.For venues and communities, we recognize that you have autonomy over the kind of RP you want and the limits you wish to enforce. Players going to your venues or engaging in your community should be aware of your specific rules and therefore consent to them. It is your responsibility to uphold them, however; we will not be policing individuals outside our own channels. This is not because we condone poor behavior or disregard of your rules - we absolutely do not, and we respect your desires for your venues and community. We simply do not have the time or resources to enforce rules outside of our own channels, and we wouldn't ask you to do the same for us.The exception to this are those players who are considered representative of SVE, such as those on Our Team, those in the Free Company or Venue Hosts partnered with SVE. If they are flouting your terms or ours, let us know.If you are still unhappy roleplaying around certain people and places, please read our Keeping Yourself Safe section for recommendations on dealing with clashes.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Roleplayers are known for wanting to explore mature themes, and we welcome people who do. However, we insist that you do so with the utmost care and attention. Some people are not comfortable with dark themes, openly sexual roleplay and so on.If in doubt, keep it private. FFXIV is a Teen rated game, and it's ERSB calls out "Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes and Violence" as topics causing that rating. If you're getting darker/more mature than that, or if you're uncertain if your topic might be triggering or upsetting to another, keep it to private RP in a party, a Discord server, and so on.Be open and honest about your themes. If you enjoy that ‘grimdark’ RP mentioned above, that is fine. Please ensure, however, that people who join your story have a chance to fully understand what they are getting into before it happens. Nothing is more upsetting to either party to find that a subject is triggering or hurtful after the event has happened.Players have the right to enjoy the RP they like. If something is happening that you are not comfortable with, remove yourself from the situation. If you cannot remove yourself because it’s in a Discord channel, kindly ask the player to stop in a respectful manner, or temporarily mute the channel.
If it is against TOS, report them, either through the game itself if it happens in game or by opening a support ticket to the SVE moderators if something happens on our discord.
In that vein, if a character concept is not to your liking, that is okay. Some people love very dark, mature themes that touch upon tricky subjects like intolerance and racism; for others, a fantasy world should be a bright welcoming place where people have grown past those bigotries and embrace all sorts. Some people like characters that adhere to the lore in the strictest terms, some like to use existing lore and extrapolate it to new potential, and some want to bring in their own original characters that are completely independent of the world’s rules. All of these are valid RP experiences for people. If it’s not a concept you enjoy roleplaying with…You have the right to say no to situations you don’t want. If you dislike what someone else is doing, don’t RP with them. Find a group of players that works for you. If someone wants to engage in RP you don’t like, communicate! Let them know which aspects of their character aren’t your cup of tea. That way you can reach a happy middle ground, or agree happily to disagree.Remember, if you're in a venue and someone is being disruptive or concerning, you can report them to the venue host.Players have the right to engage in erotic RP. Growing character relationships and enjoying a deeper connection is a perfectly valid RP experience that we believe players should be allowed to explore. However, we request that for openly sexual encounters the RP is kept between consenting adults in a private conversation and/or location, such as a private house. Remember that FFXIV has TOS against explicit sexual activities and you may be unknowingly interacting with minors. No amount of ignorance will save you.

What We Don’t Tolerate

Unfortunately as in every hobby, there are behaviors that cause the experiences of others to be significantly impacted, such as pushing highly disturbing themes on someone without permission, engaging in bullying or grooming behavior and so on. We will not tolerate these behaviors from our members.If these happen to you, please let us know so we can address the issue.There are themes that Square Enix do not tolerate in public RP. If what you are roleplaying constitutes a breach of Terms of Service (TOS), and you are doing this openly in public channels, then players are in the right to report you for what your character is doing and we will encourage them to do so. This also includes TOS for external programs we use such as Discord.We defer to Square Enix in these matters, but reserve the right to ban members of the community if the breach is of a particularly egregious nature, even if carried out in private or the action taken by Square Enix is temporary.You may suggest ways to help a character concept be more appropriate to the lore, but we will not tolerate hostility or so-called RP-policing. As part of our community guidelines, giving ideas so as to help a character better integrate with the world is highly encouraged. This however should not cross the line to ‘no you cannot do that’. We will not tolerate people trying to quash a disliked concept by being openly antagonistic towards the player, encourage witch-hunting the player, and the like.If you dislike a concept, don’t interact with the player. Find the people you want to play with.

Miscellaneous Philosophies

Last of all, there are a few philosophies we have that don’t fall into the earlier categories.Fantasias are a meta-canon item and should be played as such. By meta-canon, we mean that the option to change in the way Fantasia allows exists, but the Fantasia potion itself doesn’t exist in Eorzea that way. Related, glamour prisms do exist and can give an illusory appearance to clothes and cosmetic appearances, but these can be dispelled.When changing an aspect of your character, be aware of how it will affect others who are part of their story. Taking the Fantasia example above, if your character becomes an Au Ra, their parents haven’t changed race. If those parents are being RPed by players, it’s worth including them so as to see how they would react and otherwise contribute to that arc of your character.There are aspects of roleplaying that we recognize are problematic, such as godmodding, metagaming, powergaming etc., but we will not strike or ban players engaging in them. This does not mean that we condone those behaviors - far from it - but as per our policy on RP Policing we educate, not punish. We encourage you to correct these behaviors by helpfully explaining why they hurt others roleplaying and could cause others not to roleplay with you. Most people will understand your point of view and adjust. If you don't want to do that yourself, please point the player to our Roleplayer Novice Network so we can help educate them in a calm and unthreatening environment.
As always, don't engage with what you don't like.
If they don't want to take the advice on board - find other people to play with.

Quick Definitions

  • Godmodding - Writing another character's action or response for them; or you write your action in such a way the other player can't avoid it.

  • Metagaming - A character using knowledge that you learned out of character, and has not earned that knowledge through related roleplay.

  • Powergaming - Playing in a way that means the actions of other players are overwritten by yours.

  • Railroading - Forcing another character into a specific action you want, rather than letting them respond organically. A relative of godmodding, but plot-based rather than interaction based. Can be necessary as part of a plot, so communicate!

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